Wednesday, March 08, 2006

oh goodness

sry to let this blog fall apart, oum and i have been having a great but busy semester.
here is our latest playlist

march 5th 2006

Artist Song Album
The Johnson Family Singers - A Haven in Heaven Sunday Mornings in Dixie
Bus Ezell and Sydney Stripling- Salt Water Blues LOC archives "Now what a time"
Papa Charlie Jackson- Scoodle Um Skoo

South Georgia Highballers - Blue Grass Twist Mountain Blues 1927-1938
Odea Matthews - Five Long Years for One Man Angola Prison Worksongs
Fern Jones - I was there when it happened the glory road

Eleja Choir (Nigeria) - Jubilee Anthem Ethinic Music Classics 1928-1948
Allison's Sacred Harp Singes- Sweet Rivers Times Ain't Like they Used to Be
La Mendoza Familia- Las Quatro Milpas
The Carter Family Wildwood Flower
Ted Chesnut - He's Only A Miner Killed in the Ground Kentucky Mountain Music
Kid Prince Moore - Honey Drippin Papa
Unknown Singer- Haul the woodpile down Robert Winslow Gordon recordings

(Hawaiian novelty of the 10's and 20's feature set)
Carolina Tar Heels - Her Name Was Hula Lou Good for what ails you
Hoot Gibson - Mai Givee (Don't Give it Away) Hawaiian Steel Guitar Classics
King, Queen, and Jack- Stack- o- lee It's Hotter In Hawaii
Ciro's Club Coon Orchestra - On the Shore at Le-Le-Wei (1916) Lost Sounds

Porter Grainger with Ethel Finnie - Hula Blues Porter Grainger (1923-1929)
Kalama's Quartet - Medley of Hulas Early Hawaiian Classics
Henry Johnson's Boys - Hawaiian Harmony Blues St. Louis Complete Recorded Works 1927-1933
Sol Hoopii - Palolo Hawaiian Steel Guitar Classics

Furry Lewis - Big Chief BLues
Freeman Stowers - Medley of Blues: All Out and Down/ Old Time BLues/ Hog in the Mountain Sinners and Saints 1926-1931
Effisio Melis (Sardinia) - Fiorassio Ethinic Music Classics 1928-1948
Bowman Sisters - Old Lonesome Blues Mountain Blues 1927-1938
Rumanian group - Dance Song Ethinic Music Classics 1928-1948
Betty Bush Winger - Yes Mam (bed time quiz)
New York and Georgia Singers - De Lawd Says
Moonshine Kate- My Man's A Jolly RailRoad Man

Elizabeth Cotten - freight train Classic Railroad songs
Blind Boy Fuller - Weeping Willow
Willie Mae Williams - Where the Sun Never Goes Down The Guitar EVangleists
Elizabeth Johnson- Be My Kid Blues I Can't Be Satisfied
Sister Rosetta Tharpe and the Dependable Boys- Everybody's gonna have a wonderful time up there (Gosple Boogie)

more official playlist located at don't forget to listen everyweek sundays!

we also made a myspace for our show.

i want to put some treats up soon. afraid that ku basketball we take are whole show this week! eek!

hope it's not a month til the next post.


Monday, January 23, 2006

first show of new semester...we hate women's basketball

OK! so our first show was cut in half b/c of some ku women's basketball game broadcast. SIGH.
what's worsest is that we didn't find out til' right before we were leaving!
Crish- OUM!
me- what?
c- i just got off the phone with some guy named jimmy wong whose says womens basketball is going to cut into the first half of our show
o-we can't do the jug bands special we spent our valuable time planning now.
c-i know, we'll just have to wing it...
0-okay, but i'm going to write a nasty email to the sports director for being an loser
c-me too
0-let's write one together!
c- okay!

dear kjhk sports director,
you have to email people if you're going to cut into their show, dude. A business week's time in advance is preferable.
-crish & oum.

anyways here is what we played.

the NuGrape Twins I Got Your Ice Cold NuGrape
Memphis Jug Band Jug Band Waltz
Elder Otis Jones Holy Mountain
Sleepy John Estes When the Saints Go Marching In
southern negro quartette he took it away from me
albert johnson and choir ain't but me one
the freedom singers governor wallace
bertha gober, rutha harris, charles sherrod oh pritchett, oh kelly
alabama christian movement choir 99 1/2 won't do
Bessie Johnson w/ her sanctified singers no room at the hotel
King Benny Nawahi's Red Devils Dinah
Buster (Bus) Ezell Bottle Up and Go
Elizabeth Cotton Freight Train
Bob Robinson The Preacher Must Get SOme Sometimes
Anon Minstrels Kahira
Shortbuckle Roarke and Family I Truly Understand That you Love another man woo kentucky mountain family band goodness
Jones Brothers Gospel Train
Grace outlaw plantation days pt.2 w/ the sunset four
Cater Family No Telephone In Heaven

internet goodies
Anon Minstrels- Kahira
Bus Ezell- Bottle Up and Go
Shortbuckle Roarke and Family- I Truly Understand that you love another man

pretty fun, but the real real deal will be next week. Sundays at two 2 four pm, online stream available at any advance requests direct below. and maybe next week a podcast? squashed, crish is an idiot and say if we do it we can't do our whole show cos the cd recorder at the station can only record 80 we'll see what happenes w/ that!


Thursday, January 05, 2006


Hey all, oum and I are interested in trying to podcast our program this semester. People can stream it live right now but from what i understand podcasts you can listen to whenever. I have google searched for info but haven't found anything that makes sense to me. If anyone knows how to do this or knows of websites that explain it simply please comment it or email us at Thanks for your help.


Friday, December 30, 2005

new season of IGMSM

Next year the show will be on Sundays from 2 pm - 4pm. More info on this to come.
also, we are both contributing to the motel de moka blog. check it out.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Crish's music 2005 list

i might come back and add links and stuff but i'm not into it right now so here 's this.-crish

top ten
omg count how many times i use the word "pop" "rock'n'roll" and "ass"
(note on release dates: some of these records also have uk/swedish/japanese 04 release dates in addition to their wider 05 releases...if i was writing for a magazine i might not have included these, but i'm not and dec 04 is pretty much 2005 so...)

everyone gripes about a lackluster 05, i liked it okay but it draws heavily on 2004 momentum (mia mixtape/single, annie and mu singles, GGD, and suf all were in my 04 list in some form). anyways...disclaimer, i find music to be rather hard to write about so alot of this is just practice anyway.

sufjan- come on feel the illinoise 15
let's be real. Sufjan made one of the best records of ...well probably ever. This is the biggest achievement of 2005. Well, then why isn't it no.1? hey this is my list and i like crazyness and silliness, so sorry suf. but hey i've given this boy alot of love. michigan made my 03 list and seven swans was on the 04. i've preached the suf word enough and now he needs me no more. but that's not why he's not no. 1. but about the greatness that is illinois, well it's rather self evident to anyone who spends time with it. I have met several people who claim to be unaffected by suf, but those that do listen to him do not listen in passing. This is because he is terribly ambitious songmaker and has the mindfulness/ability/careful craft to reach his aims, or come close enough. For me, Illinois seems more worked over (the life of the song is duller than the craft) which is why it appeals less to me than michigan but i dunno the "too good" complaint is the sign of someone that is too hard to please.

fannypack- see you next tuesday 14
this record was unfairly filed as forgettable. well, it actually might be sort of forgettable, but if were going to be fair we have to agree that fannypack is far and away the best group to emerge in any genre of music in the past 3 or so years. why is that you ask? Though basically the act is "we're so dumb we're clever" they have to be the most informed pop act out now. Or is it most uninformed? Unlike similar "carefree" genre shopping groups Fannypack is fueled by Matt and Fanny's beat and those guys know their influences and have a genuine love for ass music. Mixing jock jams, miami booty music, jj fad and salt n pepa on their shoulders, and name dropping brooklyn in every song fannypack are so good at being retarded that it makes actually ambitious pop groups look boring. While So Stylistic was an instant classic that can't really be followed this record has at least 5 winners "keep it up" "pump that" "you gotta know" "keep on" "seven one eight" and not to mention that "nu nu (yeah yeah)" was THE summer jam the least in my life.

lady sovereign (just her)-13
vertically challenged may have been a let down of a release but the SOV still release enough singles and random tracks and colabs to make up a more than worthwhile output for 2005. Like all interesting performers, Lady Sovereign's personality almost outshines her music. Clever and cutting but not above really dumb lines but it doesn't matter cos as a listener i'm more engaged by the voice and bold energy of the performance than actual musicality of it. not to mention she's very cute and has a reputation for being an idiot and unlikeable in person. When your Lady Sovereign that's all part of it, working to your advantage making you a better superstar.

hair police- constantly terrified 12
Story: Early this year i was listening to some hair police (a different record) and i saw my former housemate Amy pull in the driveway w/ Eleanor. I had just gotten some new speakers so to test them out i cranked up the music (loud) and turned all the lights off except for the glow of my computer (too create scary effect) then i laid down dead in the middle of the room as if hair police came out of the speakers and killed me, you know to see if it would scare them. Amy hates scary things and started freaking the hell out and screaming at me and screaming in terror of the unknown monster in the upstairs. So i kept the speakers, but Amy moved out. true story.

i love it when people talk about noise and make statements like "I can't imagine anything more assaulting than wolf eyes" while listing off a bunch of bands that aren't really noise but loud punk. anyways hair police is pretty intense (maybe understatement). I can't listen to this when anyone else is home. I have to turn it up really loud, turn all the lights off (totally a night time record), scoot up right next to the speakers and kiss the next 40 minutes good bye offering myself up to be torn apart by sound. for me to listen to this record any other way is an injustice to what it can achieve. It is psychological torture, spooky rumblings are the facade but there's those monster squeals acting as the unreal light shining and pulsing through the cracks hinting at the violence that's inside. Hair Police let your mind build up the suspense and fear of if the next loud part is coming soon, if does will your head explode?
(do yourself a favor and don't listen to this on headphones, or while doing anything else i.e. reading)

architecture in helsinki-in case we die 11
The best thing about in case we die is how much crazyness they get away with. the songs are packaged and built so well and so easy to like that you don't think about it but when you break it down the record is so ridiculous. boring indie band (fingers crossed...yawn) turns into over the top, Muppet voiced, ADD orchestral pop awesomeness. finally a band that doesn't just stop with one crazy tuba part or one one crazy voice part or one sugary melody but piles them on until each song feels epic even though they are 3 minute pop songs. After hearing this I thought AIH needed their own cartoon that could come on before the Junior Senior cartoon. I still stand by it. Especially after seeing the "Do the Whirlwind" video, which is a top video of the year.

animal collective- feels 10
this should be higher, i know. But seriously what am I going to say about this record. The AC have become masters at taking their decidedly left field energy and channeling it into gushy, heart stealing pop songs. That's how i honestly feel. I don't think this is freak folk, or freak anything. They songs are reverb layered, backup vocal laden (listen to all those "woo"s and "whoa"s), fully arranged, and earnest (in their own way, there may be a wink but they're not cynics) songs that are vaguely about love (sometimes directly). I guess what my point wishes to be is that this is the pop of today, and everyone else should takes notes or fall behind.
the thing though (for me) is that like with sung tungs, the purposely unpaced tracklist is somewhat hard to get through for a boorish pop fan like me. i usually stop after "banshee beat" or "daffy duck"

broadcast- tender buttons 9
this is a cool record. i think that's a good word for it, "cool". anywho broadcast are a good band and i think this is a somewhat underrated achievement. This record may not be as instantly affecting as Ha Ha Sound but i think i like it alot more. I just find myself listening to it alot and listening all the through. When i'm not listening to it, it comes to my mind and i think "hey i should listen to tender buttons". Also the BEST album cover of the year.

nautical almanac- cover the earth 8
before i saw this band live all i had was an mp3 track called "wielding the reflex fiddle" which was just someone playing some strange string instrument sounding thing. Then i saw them live and loved it. stage left tall lanky dude spazzing out breaking his bass and screaming into some strange pickup cable in his mouth, stage right another dude hitting his drum kit really hard, screaming too, and in the middle the girl of the group aimlessly fiddling with her noise boxes or violin while moaning or making spiritual connections with crazy drugged out audience members who were also the event's cook despite the fact they were crazy dirty and wearing no clothes. Bizarre performance and Oh yea and really interesting music. Same goes for the record which is reproduced live very well. so same sort of review.

afrirambo- kore ga mayaku da, A', and whatever the other record i have is 7
2 Japanese girls make noisey rock'n'roll. This number 7 spot is for three different releases I got this year, that I assume to have come out in 05 or 04. I know nothing about them. But did you read where I said, "2 Japanese girls make noisey rock'n'roll"? What? do you need to know more? Actually to call what Afirambo does noisey rock'n'roll doesn't really do it justice. There is a deliberate "out there" quality that makes them very dada, especially with their aggressively silly vocals/lyrics. Sure Afrirambo makes 3 minute pop rock songs, but they'll put a strange hum behind everything, or they'll play 20 seconds of a 3 minute pop song and spontaneously shift into a lengthy noise wash or random screaming or start a totally new song three quarters of the way through. It is this deconstructionist approach that makes them so fun. Afrirambo take you a radical trip where logic is invented and you'll believe anything coming out of a these energetic girls mouths.

mu- out of breach 6
Any record that calls you a "bitch" in the first 10 seconds is automatically my favorite thing ever. "welcome to mu world, bitch!" is how mutsumi greets you and maurice fulton gives the twisted psychotic singer a perfect backdrop of Psycho string stabs and a fat as hell groove. Mu makes house music for people who hate house music because it's too tame. afro finger and gel is one of my favorites ever so i had high hopes for this, and i wasn't really let down, it's really just more of Mu but it's not repeating. Mu continue to be uncompromising originals and they don't care if you "get it". I mean what's there really to get? their songs have always followed basic dancehall structure, sort of, when i saw them perform last year it was a party. people cheered at the hits and danced the whole time. It's exciting, i feel that hits like "Paris Hilton" are great representatives for the changing the face of dance music (which is, along with noise, the most progressive genre at the moment)

coco rosie- noah's ark 5
boring acoustic new weird america folk act becomes awesome looking out there pop act. very good move if you ask me.

antony and the johnsons- i am bird now
this record is just. It puts me at peace. I find it to be a very universal record just as i find antony's songwriting voice to speak to everyone.

m.i.a. - arular 4
The best record to come out sense Kid A. um... shit. I'm tired of writing. I'll change this later.

the knife- deep cuts 3
here is another group that sort of defies definition. Intelligent swedish brother/sis duo that write songs with overt art house themes dealing with feminism, sexuality, and non pop things like taxes but packages it up in catchy club ready synth pop. In a sense, the Knife's resistance to being typecast as left field art group that no one cares about so they sort of do this sort of trojan horse of content thing, getting you dancing and singing first and thinking next is one of the oldest tricks in the book. not that it's even a trick, no one can write "butt shakin'" music this effectively without spending a good amount of time tuned into hit radio. so if you're noticing a trend yet in what i like, it's pop music made by aware and ambitious musicians mindful of the history of music capable of making references and using influences creatively, these type of artists are today's phil spectors and brian wilsons. also they have one of the best quotes i've read this year: "Most art (and music) is shit. But it’s worth listening to and look at, ‘cause when you finally see something you like, it’s fantastic."

annie- anniemal 2
the first line of my review of anniemal said : "I wish I capable of articulating what pop music means to me. " A great pop song is the most affecting thing in the world; more than movies, more than paintings, more than conversation, more than human touch. I don't know why. i am happiest when i'm listening to music, and my favorite music has the vague "pop" label. do i think about love alot? no. do i go out to the mall alot or go clubbing? no (i would go clubbing more if people played good music). so i can't say anything interesting about Annie because I'm too emotionally tied to her music in a way that i don't even understand and am not going to try to.

gang gang dance- god's money 1
so why do i like this record so much. no one else really seems to (my buddy kevin has given it the thumbs up and i know gabe holcomb likes it), it hasn't gotten all that good of reviews and they sure as didn't make the cover of CMJ, i mean those are important things, right? Maybe if i was in New York the hype and hipster fans would get to me and i wouldn't think it was the best record. But here in Kansas removed from any kind of credible scene God's Money was exciting. More than that, I was inspired. This was what i was waiting for. This is something that their other records hinted they could achieve but you never knew if they would be brave enough to make something that rides so many lines it could be easily dismissed by, well, everyone. It almost was. The normal kids said it was too weird and the weird kids said it wasn't as weird as they used to be when the truth is the word weird shouldn't be apart of any GGD discussion. I don't view GGD as abunch of arty looking twenty somethings sitting around making noise, while there is totally a sense of playfulness it remains informed and thoughtful. This is evident from the diverse influences (from druggy dub, world melodies (i hear asia, and south america), vocal oddities of kate bush and cocteu twins, sample based pop collagists, to hip hop, dancehall percussion etc...) and the ideas of structure and composition presented in God's Money. I'm not smart enough to know exactly what's going on in all their songs, but there is a definite challenge of what is "pop"? and what is "art" ? does a pop song come with a limiting structure? Does an art song have to maintain certain abstractness? I may be totally wrong but it seems to me that Gang Gang Dance blow up these assumptions without trying to. The only obvious effort here is that of an effort to make engaging and fun (cool) music. Anyways, my under-worked thoughts may not be that interesting but i do know i really love this record.

these are great too.

jackson and his computer band and jason forrest.

delia gonzales and gavin russom-days of mars

lightning bolt- hypermagenetic mountain

danny & the nightmares- freak brain

lost sounds 5 blacks and the birth of the recording industry

numero group label

eyeball skeleton

marissa nadler- the saga of mayflower may

the fiery furnaces- rehearsing my choir

ariel pink-worn copy

vashti bunyan-lookaftering

jason forrest- shamelessly exciting and lady fantasy ep

Murderbot- amerie "one thing" remix, onlyworld vip bw purple skank AND fi you/ twilight zone
this guy worked at kjhk when i was a freshman and ran a disco show. i never really met him but anyways now he's making records and turns out he's the eccentric cheesy pop r'n'b, jungle ragga, fast beat freak (which is a really good thing). Three or so releases this year, i'm really impressed, not in the sort of "oh this guy is from kjhk and this is good " impressed but "holy F this is brilliant" impressed. especially check out the one thing remix and purple skunk el debarge sample at about 2 min. great great. seriously.

Magic is Küntmaster- whatever the name of this record is
scary scary, video on the cd is scary. i seriously cannot watch the whole thing i found it so terrifying. great music though

go team- "huddle formation"
"ladyflash" is the first love but "huddle formation" is the idea of the go! team at it's most realized. their dirtiest fastest track with the most fun/silly playground samples i could ever imagine existing. from the first lines "ahhhh beep! beep! (ahhh) walking down the street! " i'm just to hear it, every time.

edan- "promised land"
Beauty and the Beat is probably my favorite rap record of the year. Really intelligent and fresh samples, creatively used (he draws heavily from 60's psychedelic pop) and Edan is a good sometimes great MC, but i think better songwriter. Take "Promised land" this is my favorite track and pretty representative of what i like about edan.

patrick wolf- "the libertine"

wolf parade- "i'll believe in anything"
an okay record but this is the song that show me i can still be "touched" by an over sincere/dramatic rock tune.

out hud- "how long" and the rest of let us never speak of it again
ha, this is a great record but all i can remember is hearing this song like ever time i turned on the radio last spring. the entire town of lawrence was smitten with this song and totally forgot that it wasn't just a single. Out Hud were also show stealers at intonation. "how long" key to success: ill as hell bass part, synth string intro set up, lyrics about dancing, and dr. dre keyboard line into rad nintendo chorus. (nintendo sounds 2005 hot trend)

skygreen leopards- "child adrift"

ellen allien- your body is my body/ down / magma
i really like ellen allien and these three songs off thrills shouldn't go unmentioned.

ladytron- "destroy everything you touch"
does this record still have a chance at being a hit with high school girls? i hope so, it they deserve each other (truly).

weird war- "word on the street" and " girls like that"

russian futurist- "2 dots on a map"

ttc- "dans le club"

hank- "god slick" and i assume the rest of how to prosper in the coming bad years
atten all "fun loving" rock bands. take some notes on hank's awesomeness

jens lekman- pocketful of money

junior senior- "i like music (w.o.s.b.)"
look junior senior, if you're going to be carefree and earnestly cheesy then just do it. don't TRY to do it like you do on the rest of this album. you manage to finally stop worrying about it and actually relish pop magic on this song and it's non-stop goodness.

black dice- "smiling off" (dfa remix)
let down of an album, saved by this great remix.

jennifer gentle-i do dream you/the garden pt. 2/ nothing makes sense

final fantasy-peach plum pear (joanna newsom cover) and has a good home-

blood on the walls- awesomer- mary susan

senor coconut- coconut fm

sublime frequencies- everything- especially radio pyongyang

Saturday, December 10, 2005

last show...tears

so today we finished the last installment of I Got My Spirit Moving. What a great time we had. It's possible we can say that add " of the first season" to that last sentence if we get hired on again, but who knows.

here was the set, we featured christmas music and drew fromt the dust to digital release Where Will You Be Christmas Day? alot, cos it's so great. Some parts of the set are scatter brained cos we were looking for the new Quintron record to copy but never found it. Crish will probably buy it for me for Christmas, which is good cos Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat need money cos their house was destroyed by nature. oh yea the set...

artist song album comments

silver star singers children, i'm goin way now what a time aka "holy baby"
kelly pace, aaron brown, joe green, paul hayes, matthew johnson holy babe where will you be christmas day? (dust to digital) wwybtcd? = abbrev.
lord beginner christmas morning the rum had me yawning wwybtcd?
polk miller and his old south quartette rise and shine earliest negro vocal groups (1894-1928)
alabama sacred harp singers rocky road

standard quartette keep movin' lost sounds
swan silvertones will the circle remain unbroken the swan silvertones 1946-1951 crazy, carter family souled up
louisville sanctified singers god gave me a llght spread the word (jsp box) "hey don't stop play that guitar asshole we're still signer" -mary nelson's (?) death glance to the guitar player who bungles the ending
sleepy john estes when the saints go marching in sleepy john estes vol. 2 1937-1941 kazoo!!
barbecue bob when the saints go marching in chocolate to the bone (!!) sorry i just had to hear this song again
folk song group from dolen doide mi obed pladnina bulgarian singers
sister rosetta tharpe jericho

soul stirrers nearer to thee the great 1955 shrine concert on of the best concert records evah!
mahalia down by the riverside

reverend charles i'll wait right here might men of gospel
sister ernestine washington my record will be threre

golden gate jubilee quartet job

street parade tallon caribbean revels: haitain rara and domican gaga
mcintosh county shouters lay down body

mahalia jackson dig a little deeper great gospel women
ike gordon i shall not be moved got's got it: legendary booker and jackson singles
ezra lewis tin can alley

jimmie strothers going to richmond virginia and the piedmont
cotton top mountain sanctified singers christ was born on christmas morn wwybcd? start feature set on christmas music
leadbelly christmas is a coming wwybcd?
butterbeans & susie papa ain't no santa claus (and mama ain't no christmas tree) wwybcd?
fiddling john carson and virginia reelers christmas time will soon be over times ain't like they used to be
vera hall ward the last month of the year wwybcd?
middle georgia singers when was jesus born? now what a time
lord executor christmas is a joyful day wwybcd?
bessie smith at the christmas ball wwybcd?
boyd asher old christmas kentucky mountain music
rev. edward clayborn lord i'm the true vine american primitive
a.a. gray & seven-foot dilly the old ark's a' moving down in the basement
charley jordan just a spoonful before the blues vol. 2
palmetto jazz quartet norfolk religion earliest negro vocal groups vol. 4
fa sol la singers i'll stay on the right road now times ain't like they used to be
elder charles beck wine head willie put that bottle down
awesome musician but surely the worst reverend ever
cj johnson you better run

unidentified group of tabacco workers run sinner and hide your face field recordings vol. 9
georgia peach and her gospel singers ain't gonna lay my religion down

chours of children marin uib

church of god in christ i got a hiding place

the corley family give the world a smile

alabama sacred harp singers sherburne
all time top ten fav. song
homeland harmony gospel boogie
this is what it is all about

also the butterbeans &susie and liberty high school songs are still up fromt the last post.

have a happy holidays if we don't post til' next year. (crish is planning a shameless ghetto pop and pop disco freeform set..all i know is he keeps listening to early madonna really loud so it'll probably suck.)


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

we suck at blogs

oh damn, we got so busy we forgot to post a single playlist from november and now they're all gone. erased from the archive.
oh well, we had some good shows, maybe some of you heard them. and guess what? Fern Jones' daughter sent us an email! pretty wild huh? Also in november we had a show that featured the awesome Lost Sounds: Blacks and the Birth of the Recording Industry comp. on Archeophone. That is a great record to put it calmly.

here was last sat's playlist.!!!!

artist song album comments

union jubilee quartet with bozie sturdivant (silent grove baptist) please don't drive me away nergro religious field recordings vol. 1
hannah bessellion heaven is a beautiful place i know field recordings vol 9.
traveller home singers of ideal georgia where was my lord born? harrod's jubilee singers/ utica institute singers
va nung-an- chant northern vietnam: music and songs of
sister lottie peavy when i move to the sky/nobody;s fault but my own

rev. steward and family i made a vow to the lord

rev. james cleveland get right church best of
don't drive your mama away shirley ceaser
"the other day i felt like going to the old folks home.." haha
the rangers quartet i've found a hiding place close harmony: history of southern gospel
william ingosi mwoshi medley: mawria wa beri mamanga tirangashina, ribhukana rirahiwa kenya music
s. balachander sivanani ninaindavar rare instruments of india
the southern harmonizers these old bones golden age of gospel delayed current events songs of the week
master vyas jala-tarang the secret musuem of mankind
mbuti pygmies cries of the beaters during net hunting mbuti pygmies of the ituri rainforest
oriole quartet brother micheal won't you lay down that rop lost sounds 5
pink anderson and simmie dooley c.c. & o ghost world soundtrack
bessie johnson he got better things for you

turner junior johnson meet me in jerusalem religious field recordings vol. 1 featured set on Document records field recordings compilations
rev. mcGhee I'm A soldier in the Army of the Lord vol.1
Magnolia 5 Adam and Eve, It's Fire Down there vol. 11
emmons baptist church group i'm strivin virgina vol.1 a different vol. 1
four girls i heard the voice of jesus say vol. 11
group from nassau with drums hallie rock vol. 5
male group if i could hear my mother pray again vol. 2
edwards' luling dixie singers how did you feel when you come out of the wilderness? vol. 14 last song of the featured set
group bamba puang kemayoran music of indonesia vol 20
elizabeth white, gideon craig going to lay down my burdens

carter family anchored in love

chuch wagon gang lord lead me on

miss me-bgar garden of love music and songs from the golden triangle
alabama sacred harp singers travelin' on

girls of bunana untitled the secret museum of mankind vol 5
fantie women apatampa ghana-rhythmns of the people
rev anderson johnson let that liar pass on by 1950's gospel classsics three s's
robert wilkens that's not the way to get along ghost world soundtrack
aiaiym aiu andagany pure nature music this song is stupid sorry i heard it late at night and thought it was funny but it's not
charley patton trouble about my mother charley patton vol. 3
phipps family away over in the promised land classic southern gospel
christopher cross, &harrison "chains" hains till I die

blue ridge quartet glory special

next saturday is the last show of the semester, so be sure to tune it. KJHK.ORG Saturday 8-11am , good chances on bizarro holdiay show, if we can find enough good world stuff.
not sure if we'll get signed on for next semester but if we do it's a good bet that the show will undergo show redesigning of sorts. We'll if you're like us this time of year you're too busy, so good luck finishing your stuff up.


ps. to make up for lack of blogging here is a sneak peek at this weeks show.

pps i can't resize these damn images in this editor.. awk!


Liberty High School Quartet-The Holy Babe